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One of the biggest challenges that we people of Indian origin face is teaching our children their mother tongue. By speaking to them in our mother tongue, or socializing with other families using the same language, we may manage to get their mother tongue conversation skills to a decent enough level. But teaching them to read and write in their language, is quite another story. Because of the challenges faced, the next logical question we ask ourselves is: Does my child really benefit from knowing how to read and write his / her mother tongue?

The answer to the above question is a big "YES"!
More than 150 research studies conducted during the past 35 years strongly support what Goethe, the German philosopher, once said: The person who knows only one language does not truly know that language. Research suggests that bilingual children may develop more flexibility in their thinking as a result of processing information through two different languages.
Dr James Cummins (University of Toronto) is a leader in second language learning and literacy development research in the world. His research can be summarized as below:
  • The level of development of children's mother tongue is a strong predictor of their second language development. Bilingualism has positive effects on children's linguistic and educational development. Bilingual children perform better in school.

  • By contrast, when children are encouraged to reject their mother tongue, consequently, its development stagnates, and their personal and conceptual foundation for learning is undermined.
Now the point is, that most of us agree with the above said research. But that doesn't solve the problem, of how to actually get our kids interested in learning to read and write their mother tongue. Now that's exactly where we come into the picture. We have come up with the perfect solution, that you and your wallet will like, and at the same time your kids will learn the basics of the language.

Children love playing computer games, and surprisingly have a longer attention span for such games, compared to books or other less interactive media.

Therefore we have created an interactive games CD for Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati learning.

These CD's are perfect for children between the ages of 4 to 6, and with its fun and animated games and activities, worksheets, music, stories and more, will teach the children Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati while keeping them entertained.
Key skills your children will learn along with having fun playing these CD:
  1. Marathi letters and barakhadi and recognition of letter sounds.
  2. Hindi letters and barahkhadi and recognition of letter sounds.
  3. Gujarati letters and barakshari and recognition of letter sounds.
  4. Usage of barakhadi letters in words.
  5. Marathi Word Building.
  6. Hindi Word Building.
  7. Gujarati Word Building.
  8. Marathi Numbers.
  9. Hindi Numbers.
  10. Gujarati Numbers.
  11. Beginning sounds of words.
They will also get exposure to:

  1. Marathi names for colors.
  2. Hindi names for colors.
  3. Gujarati names for colors.
  4. Indian Musical Instruments and their actual sounds.
  5. Indian dresses.
  6. Marathi Stories.
  7. Hindi Stories.
  8. Gujarati Stories.
We are sure you agree that we Indians are at a tremendous advantage world over, because of our centuries-old culture, traditions and languages. And we should not hold back in passing this legacy on to our coming generations. Think about the doors you will open for your kids, by teaching them their language! The possibilities are endless!
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