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There is no set rule as to which activity to do first to get the maximum benefit out of this CD. However if you wish to follow a sequence, this is our suggestion:
 Letter games :

Make barakhadi letters by joining the consonants and the vowels. Play a game to see how, jodakshars are formed.  Learn the words that use these barakhadi letters and jodakshars.                
 Word building :

Solve a jigsaw puzzle to build words. Play games to make rhyming words and sort them.

Let's take a dip into the ocean of grammar. Play these games to learn more about the verbs, adjectives, and genders.


Numbers :

Learn large numbers in Marathi. Play basketball to review your numbers. 
 Sentences :

Now you have become an expert in letters, and words. It's time to march ahead and play more games to make sentences.
 Worksheets :

Print these and many more worksheets to see how much did you learn while having fun.
 Stories and activities based on them :

Stories are both interesting and relaxing. Get the triple fun reading, listening to the stories and viewing the animation at the same time.  You'll also enjoy the section of story activities. These are fun activities based on the stories from the CD.
Music : Get introduced to the rich Indian music. Learn more about soors and taals through these fun games.
10) Dress Up:

Have some fun playing dress up with these boys and girls. Make your own design, change the color, be creative.
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