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For the enjoyment for kids of varied age groups, we have introduced CDs for toddlers too. Children of age 3 to 6 years also need to know the letters and other fun games.

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There is no set rule as to which activity to do first to get the maximum benefit out of this CD. However if you wish to follow a sequence, this is our suggestion:
1) Mulakshar :

The logical first step in learning any language is to learn the alphabet. That is what this game will teach you, in a very easy and enjoyable way. Here there are various alphabets which suggest their usage in the language words.
2) Find Letter :

Find Letter is a very interactive game that kids will surely enjoy. Moreover the child's general knowledge will be far more at a faster pace. This game stresses more on letters.
3) Same Beginning Sound :

Matching the like letters, also helps the child to co-relate the letters in the day-to-day life.
4) Puzzles :

By now kids have enough practice of letters. So the next step would be to see how these letters are used and knowing the objects having that letter. Puzzles game help kids know more letters and enhances the thinking power too.
5) Colors :

Apart from the games based on letters, for more fun and logic, kids also learn various colors and familiar objects of repective colors, which in turn help them to identify colors in day-to-day life.
6) Numbers :

Along with letters, kids are given primary knowledge of numbers in form of interactive game.
7) Shapes :

Learning various kinds of shapes also help kids recognise the various shapes which they see in their daily life. This game is also covers almost all the shapes which kids enjoy being informative and animated.
8) Dress up :

Learning with fun is what we rely on. This helps the kid to remember the learnt things more effectively. This is another unique game where kids make themselves familiar with various dresses.
9) Stories :

Stories are both interesting and relaxing for children and so in our CD we have included two stories that are told with beautiful illustrations. We have chosen typical stories told in India, and the children will enjoy these while hearing and seeing sentence formation.
10) Songs :

Toddlers specially like to hear songs and poems. They also will surely enjoy the songs which can be heard and seen as beautifully illustrated in this CD.
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